Did you get a little pumped to sign up for a race after watching the incredible Boston finishers?!

Congratulations to all the athletes that overcame the challenging running conditions with incredible success!
You're an inspiration to us all!!!

Photo Credit: The Boston Globe

The Winners - Left to Right
- Men’s wheelchair winner Marcel Hug -
- Women’s wheelchair winner Tatyana McFadden -
- Elite women's division winner Desiree Linden (with the first victory for an American woman since 1985) -
- Elite men's division winner Yuki Kawauchi (the first Japanese man to win the race since 1987) -

Okay, are you ready to commit? Whether you have running, riding or obstacle race goals, we've got you covered!


Colorado Road and Trail Running Races

Here's a working list of Colorado Running Events runcolo.com
Another fun source for races throughout the US: ultrasignup.com

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Colorado Cycling Races and Events


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Colorado Mud Runs!



Photo Credit: godirtygirl.com

There are tons of sources for Colorado race events. Pick one for the family or a group of friends, add a destination race to a planned vacation, or just do it to give yourself that little boost while we're in this transition season! There's no better time to start than today!