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Longmont area nature lovers - have you been to Pella Crossing?

by Cory Dudley

Pella Crossing was severely damaged during the Sept. 2013 flood. In the years following, reconstruction projects included repairing the breaches between the ponds, rebuilding the trails, and restoring the trailhead. In April of 2017, Pella reopened and it is such a treasured spot for walking, jogging, fishing, bird watching or just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Pella Crossing Open Space, is located just west of Longmont on 75th, right outside of the darling town of Hygiene. 

The Pella Crossing trail system navigates around 3 of the Pella ponds. You'll often see fisherman floating in the peaceful waters. Use of boats is okay as long as you are fishing. 

While walking you'll enjoy incredible views of the Front Range and an abundance of wildlife - geese, cranes, beavers and more.

Doggies are allowed on leashes. Everyone is very respectful of the rules, so it's a great place for all pups to enjoy the fresh air.

The beavers are busy! There's always sign of their work and you can view their active lodges. Often you'll see them cruising through the water.

There are trails on both sides of 75th and there's a crosswalk connecting the two sides.

When you're done at Pella Crossing, you may as well head up to Hygiene for breakfast or lunch at The Crane Hollow Cafe, where you can sit with locals at the Rancher's table while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of homemade pie!

A walk or jog around Pella ponds is a great outing close to home. Soon Pella will connect to Golden Ponds and the St. Vrain Greenway! We're so fortunate to live in communities that value open space, health and protecting our resources.

Boulder County's Pella Crossing Open Again

by Cory Dudley



Pella Crossing, along with many other areas across Boulder County and the state, was devastated by the 2013 flooding. Since then, many nature-lovers, runners, fishermen and dog-walkers have been missing the spot. The network of trails and ponds is among the most popular of all open space areas in the county.

"This is a bit of a milestone for us," Boulder County Open Space Director, Eric Lane, announced. "This is the first major project we've completed.



The damage done to the area was extensive and severe; 15,000 cubic yards of sediment washed into one of the ponds, flood waters washed away 10 feet of earth in certain areas, and the original restroom was washed away entirely. In total, the project cost $3.5 million but a chunk of that was reserved for making the area much more resilient if there should be another flood threat in the future. Other projects included adding emergency spillways, rebuilding damaged or destroyed trails, repairing breached ponds, a new visitors kiosk and repairing the parking lot. 

Thankfully, the county is expecting 87.5% of the cost to be reimbursed by the federal and state governments.


(Photo Credit: Cory Dudley)


(Photo Credit: Cory Dudley)


Pella Crossing is open from sunrise to sunset. There are two different trails, both of which are easily traveled by all; Braly Trails and Marlatt Trails. Dogs are welcome to be on the trail but must be kept leashed. 


Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2