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Just CLOSED - Mountain Home in Golden, Colorado

by Cory Dudley

The Winning Team Real Estate Group at Old Town Real Estate Company JUST CLOSED on sweet mountain home up Coal Creek Canyon north of Golden. Our client and friend was assisted by Lead Buyer's Specialist, Christa Marsh. 

"Congratulations to my friend and client! He found his dream home and we got it! It's a perfect starter home and investment."

As our Lead Buyer's Agent, Christa loves the entire journey of helping Buyers find their perfect home. Professionalism, communication and strong business skills allow her and her clients to rise to the top in this competitive market place.

Christa is a REALTOR® and Lead Buyer's Agent for The Winning Team Real Estate Group. As an Old Town resident, Christa has knowledge of the market and strong relationships in the Real Estate community. With a Sales and Business background and family experience in both Commercial and Residential Contracting, Christa is a well-rounded and informed Full-Time Agent.

In between showings and Closings, Christa enjoys caring for her home in the Historic Westside of Longmont, and playing in the mountains- trail running, skiing and biking. Christa brings 100% to all she does especially to her work! 



Longmont area nature lovers - have you been to Pella Crossing?

by Cory Dudley

Pella Crossing was severely damaged during the Sept. 2013 flood. In the years following, reconstruction projects included repairing the breaches between the ponds, rebuilding the trails, and restoring the trailhead. In April of 2017, Pella reopened and it is such a treasured spot for walking, jogging, fishing, bird watching or just sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Pella Crossing Open Space, is located just west of Longmont on 75th, right outside of the darling town of Hygiene. 

The Pella Crossing trail system navigates around 3 of the Pella ponds. You'll often see fisherman floating in the peaceful waters. Use of boats is okay as long as you are fishing. 

While walking you'll enjoy incredible views of the Front Range and an abundance of wildlife - geese, cranes, beavers and more.

Doggies are allowed on leashes. Everyone is very respectful of the rules, so it's a great place for all pups to enjoy the fresh air.

The beavers are busy! There's always sign of their work and you can view their active lodges. Often you'll see them cruising through the water.

There are trails on both sides of 75th and there's a crosswalk connecting the two sides.

When you're done at Pella Crossing, you may as well head up to Hygiene for breakfast or lunch at The Crane Hollow Cafe, where you can sit with locals at the Rancher's table while enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of homemade pie!

A walk or jog around Pella ponds is a great outing close to home. Soon Pella will connect to Golden Ponds and the St. Vrain Greenway! We're so fortunate to live in communities that value open space, health and protecting our resources.

Finding the Perfect Tree for the Holidays

by Cory Dudley


Did You Know.... ?


There are about 1 million acres in production for growing Christmas trees, and each acre provides the daily oxygen required for 18 people

For every 2-3 trees harvested this time of year, 2-3 seedlings are planted in it's place

A consumer must reuse an artificial tree for 20 years before it has a lower carbon footprint than a real tree

There are 15,000 Christmas Tree growers in North America and over 100,000 people are employed in the industry at any given time



Finding that perfect tree for the holiday season is an exciting process. Some of us prefer an easy-to-setup, fake tree that won't drop needles or begin blooming from it's cozy spot next to the fireplace. Others enjoy hiking into the forest and cutting down their own, to better enjoy that fresh scent and the flood of nostalgia it brings about. Or maybe you like driving up to the pop-up tree stand right next to the gas station that has elves and a Santa Claus on site every evening from 6-9 pm...

No matter how you and yours celebrate this tradition, we've collected the best options (and deals!) to be had in Colorado.


CreekSide Tree Nursery

Boulder & Niwot Locations

Creeekside is a fully stocked retail and wholesale tree farm with two locations; one in Boulder and one in Niwot. They proudly specialize in evergreen trees, and with 3 different methods of finding the right tree,they are among the best spots to visit for this time of year.

To top it all off, they have a special offer on their site for $10 off any tree 7-8" or taller. Click here to claim yours!



At CreekSide you have options... #1 - The Fresh Cut Tree

Choose from all sizes, colors, and varieties, a complete list of which can be found here. Prices vary from $37 - $650. Some are Native, some are Non-Native. CreekSide is big on being honest with their visitors from the beginning, to ensure you have a great experience.


  #2 - A Living Tree

The best options and selection of which are at their Boulder nursery. Not only are they a great "green" choice for the environment, but it's a lovely way to establish a family tradition. After the holidays you can plant it somewhere in the yard and have a constant reminder of those memories forever! These trees will be shorter and heavier to move (usually about 100 lbs.) The only varieties they will sell living are the ones that are proven to thrive in Colorado's ever-changing climate.


#3 - The Cut Your Own Experience (Only available at the Niwot location)

Now in it's 6th year, CreekSide has mastered the "Cut Your Own Experience"! Sticking true to their upfront policy, these trees are pre-cut from in and out of state, and then "planted" in their growing fields to give you and your family the experience of finding the perfect one. This is a more family-friendly option than some of the more challenging, rustic locations that include a strenuous hike-and-haul process. Prices range from $60 - $500.


Cottonwood Farms

Located in Boulder

The owner of Cottonwood Farms has family that's lived in Colorado since the 1850's as farmers. It is truly a family-run establishment, and you'll feel like family from the moment you arrive. Their tree stand is open November 25th - December 24th.



Their trees are pre-cut, kept protected from too much sun or other exposure until they are put out in display. A typical 6 - 7 ft. tree costs $50 - $76, depending on the species. There are also local trees available, and some Douglas Fir trees from nearby forest thinning projects. Garlands and wreaths are for sale on-site as well!


Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm

Located in Boulder

Chris and Elizabeth, owners of Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm, are both artists and invite you in for a total experience! They offer marshmallow roasting, hot apple cider, rides on"Hi-Ho Silver" the rocking horse... And who doesn't love options when picking a tree!?



#1 - Choose and Cut Trees

Their Blue Spruce and Douglas Firs are currently 6-8" tall, and cost $10/ft. You are invited to venture out into the field, choose your own tree and cut it down with the saw they provide for you. Every year they replant new trees to replace the ones that are chosen, to keep their farm totally sustainable.


#2 - Pre-Cut Trees: Noble Fir and Fraser Fir

If those that they grow on-site aren't your taste, they also bring in a couple other varieties from North Carolina and Oregon that cannot be grown in Boulder. They are usually 4-9 ft and are priced anywhere from $35 - $90.


#3 -Live Potted Trees



These small Blue Spruce trees are SO CUTE! Bring them in for the holiday season and then plant them later in your yard. They are Boulder-grown and have become accustomed to Colorado's climate. Please note: You can only keep a potted tree indoors for one week! After that you must take it back outside if you want it to survive through the winter.


Colorado Native Christmas Trees

Boulder & Gunnison Locations

Their project began 27 years ago, when owners Bryan and Tony Smith began following loggers around the forests of Colorado, cleaning up after logging operations and salvaging the tops of any tree that they could. You can feel really good about picking one of these up! If Charlie Brown-style trees are your thing, check their selection out! Each one has lots of character and all are unique in their own way.

Prices vary greatly depending on species, shape, size and fullness. Sizes range from 13 ft and larger - all the way up to 40 ft!


Blue Ribbon Farm

Located in Longmont

If you enjoy the authentic experience, visit Blue Ribbon Farm. Trees are 2 - 20 ft. tall, and they also have garland and wreaths for sale. Their team will give your tree a fresh trim and tie it onto your car for free!


The Urban Garden Center

Located in Louisville

The Urban Garden has been family owned and operated for 10 years. Their tree lot includes four premium varieties, and they keep it stocked full to the brim with 150 trees at any given time. You won't need to bring gloves or rope - they've got you covered from the moment you pull up. To add to the merriment, enjoy some free hot chocolate and candy canes while you're there!



Inside their Greenhouse are wreaths, boughs, stands, disposal bags, unique ornaments, sugar pine cones, poinsettias, and garland to complete your decor.

Don't forget to take advantage of their $10 OFF Coupon, which can be found on any page of their website at the top of the screen.


Regional Christmas Tree Program (RCTP)


For many families, cutting a tree in a national forest is a tradition. The Forest Service notes that by doing so, you are taking an active part in managing our national forests - thank you! This year's primary tree cutting dates are December 3rd-11th, which are the dates that cutting areas in this region are required to be open. Many areas open as early as Thanksgiving and stay open as late as the end of the year!

Permits can be purchased at most US Forest Service officer throughout the region. In order to find the closest Ranger District to the area you want to tree-hunt in, click here to verify about their permit availability.

The Rocky Mountain Region's Forest Service page provides a map of all the cutting areas in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. Click here for a list of Colorado's open areas!


Congrats - So Happy For These First-Time Homebuyers!

by Cory Dudley



Congratulations to these first-time homebuyers! They are the proud new owners of a beautiful home in Loveland, CO.



We here with The Winning Team Real Estate Group are thrilled to help each and every one of our buyers find their perfect home - and truly honored when we are able to be of service to a veteran in their search, as in this case! 

The VA Colorado Home Loan Program was created in 1944 and has been serving veterans and their families ever since. VA loans are administered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and offer a variety of home loans designed to meet many needs including: purchasing single family homes, condominiums, repairing or renovating a primary residence, making energy-efficient improvements, purchasing a manufactured home or lot and refinancing a mortgage.



Christa was honored to have been able to serve this family as a Buyer's Specialist that knows the ins and outs of the VA Loan Program! She is happy to know that you'll now have the backyard that apartment life simply couldn't provide...


Congratulations again!



Christa is a Licensed REALTOR for The Winning Team Real Estate Group at Old Town Real Estate in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. Christa is The Winning Team's Buyer's Specialist. Her business background gives her the experience and expertise a Buyer needs and wants in today's competitive market. Christa lives with her contractor husband, Guy, and their two pups Bubba and Whim in the foothills of North Boulder. Christa can be found spending her free time mountain biking, skiing, running and enjoying her home and property. It's all that Colorado has to offer that keeps Christa and Guy happy, healthy and enjoying life to it's fullest.

Christa can be contacted via email  or mobile 303.913.9698.




Meet Sarah Jo Gates, the Director of First Impressions/Marketing/Social Media and Licensed Broker of The Winning Team Real Estate Group!

Did you know that Sarah Jo LOVES everything that's 40's or pin-up? No? Well, here are a few other things you may not know...




Flower - Lilacs

Color - Green

Local Eatery - Sunrose Cafe

Fruit - Watermelon

Candy - Dark Chocolate

Music - Anything acoustic but especially Kaleo, The Civil Wars, Austin Benham..

Vacation Spot - Any hot springs, or the ocean



Sarah Jo is thrilled to have finally settled somewhere that feels like home, with a fantastic "work family" by her side. She feels thankful for the opportunity to learn all she can about what it takes to grow from a baby agent into a full-grown real estate expert in the community.

Currently, she is the smiling face people see when they walk in the door of our downtown office, and the one creating blog posts, focusing on Facebook and building the monthly newsletter, to name just a few things... But just recently became licensed and can't wait to start soaking up that real estate knowledge.


Where were you before planting roots down with Old Town Real Estate and The Winning Team Real Estate Group?

I have had so many jobs before this, but nothing that ever felt like a viable career path - this certainly does! I've spent my summers swashbuckling with kids in Chataqua Park, many years in senior living facilities around town and I've even managed a doggy daycare in what feels like a past life.

Tell us about your family!

My parents live a mere 6 blocks from the office, which has been great, and my only sister moves home this month after living out of state for several years. I'll finally get to be a face-to-face aunt to my monkey-nephew, Grayson!



My own little family includes my crazy dog, Quigly, and my cockatiel, Ernie... And countless house plants and flowers that all have names as well.



My boyfriend, Nate, also has an important place in my life!



What are a few of your hobbies?

I spend my summers boating, lazily floating and riding seadoos up at Horsetooth Reservoir. When the mood  strikes me I have been known to dress up in pinup for events like the 1940's Ball, and I love themed parties. Lately I've been teaching myself to play my trombone again, but when I'm feeling mellow I enjoy painting with watercolor or acrylic.


What most motivates you to do your best and be a success?

Seeing gradual success and surrounding myself with encouraging and more successful people than myself. I also respond well to creative engagement and having passion for whatever I am doing!


Meet the Team - Cory Dudley, CEO/Principal Broker/REALTOR®

by Cory Dudley

Meet Cory Dudley, the CEO/Principal Broker/REALTOR® of The Winning Team Real Estate Group!

In case you don't know Cory (or if you do but you didn't know what his favorite candy is...) here's the inside scoop...


Flower - Bougainvilleas

Color - Blue

Local Eatery - Rosalee's Pizzeria

Fruit - Banana


Music - Classic Rock

Shopping Place - REI


Cory feels blessed and honored to be a top producing FULL-TIME real estate broker and business owner in beautiful Colorado. He gives everything he has to fulfilling his client's dreams of home ownership, because it's a privilege that he doesn't take lightly.

He specializes in listings and residential resale, luxury homes, seniors, first-time buyers and investment portfolios.


Where were you before planting roots down with Old Town Real Estate and The Winning Team Real Estate Group?

After graduating from The University of Colorado with a degree in Business Organizational Management, I became a national sales manager for an outdoor apparel company. My duties involved complete oversight and development of all marketing and sales activities. This included managing a national sales team and direct negotiations with national retailers like REI, The North Face and Eastern Mountain Sports.
After leaving the outdoor industry I became a successful regional sales manager within the material handling industry. Sales and account management included direct negotiations with local industry leaders like IBM, Anheuser-Busch Brewery and Hewlett Packard.
Lastly, prior to pursuing real estate full-time, I started a local firm called Boulder Executive Housing which soon became one of the largest providers of Short Term Corporate Housing in Boulder County. Accounts included the University of Colorado, Sun Micro Systems, Level 3, IBM, Seagate and Amgen just to name a few. I sold the company in 2004 and dedicated myself to residential real estate sales and never looked back.
Tell us about your family!

My family includes my beautiful wife, who teaches for the Saint Vrain School District, and my beautiful baby girl to whom my sun rises and sets! We own investment real estate within Boulder County and feel fortunate to call Longmont our home.


What are a few of your hobbies?

Pretty much anything that is outdoors and in an alpine setting... Mountain biking, hiking, climbing (and working!)



What most motivates you to do your best and be a success?

Goal setting and being a dad!


What do past clients have to say?

"Thank you, Cory,

For once again helping us to sell our home so quickly! High end homes tend to sit on the market for too long. But, your research and knowledge of the Boulder County real estate market translated to quick (very quick!) success in the sale of both our homes, even in tough market conditions. Your professional approach, work ethic, attention to detail and aggressive follow up with prospects was above all else. You totally exceeded our expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell a luxury home in Boulder County. Thank you!"

Tom and Betsy


"Facing family health issues, we decided it was time to downsize by selling our home and purchasing something smaller. Having been involved in real estate sales some years back, I had a good idea of the type help I was wanting from a Realtor. In talking with Cory Dudley and his staff at Old Town Real Estate in Longmont I quickly found him to be very knowledgeable of the local market, but even more important, acutely focused on our expressed needs rather than simply what the market had to offer.

Over a period of several months Cory and I discussed how best to prepare our home for sale.  Cory decided early on to have a professional photographer prepare marketing photographs of our home during the summer months in preparation for the potential of a wintertime sale. Another example of his attention to our unique needs was his suggestion that the initial showing of the home not occur until the first open house to be scheduled a week following entry of the property into the local MLS. That suggestion significantly limited the disruption which frequent showings would have caused us as sellers. Through the marketing efforts of his team that open house was extremely successful leading to multiple offers each at a price somewhat above my expectations. Selling price, however, is not always the key to a successful transaction.  The flexible terms of the sale allowed us to make a smooth transition into a new place which was under construction without a firm completion date.

Cory and his capable staff were similarly focused on the resolution of issues that often arise when purchasing new construction. I found their guidance and management of the documentation requirements to be helpful throughout the process. His entire team was readily available when contacted and quick to communicate with us when appropriate. They kept us well informed of the progress throughout both transactions.

We are pleased to provide Cory and his staff at Old Town Real Estate our strongest recommendation to anyone seeking the services of a “Top Notch Realtor.”

Tom and Barbara



Longmont Area Events This Week

by Cory Dudley


Wondering what's going on in Longmont this week?



Tuesday, March 8th

  • Open Mic Night with The Prairie Scholars - Skeye Brewing, 900 S. Hover Road - Join The Prairie Scholars for open mic night. It's known to be the perfect opportunity to network with fellow artists and mingle over a brew. It’s one of the few open mic in Longmont with a piano, so keyboard players are always welcome! (6-8 pm)

Wednesday, March 9th

  • 50 Dates of Blue - Rosalee's Pizzeria, 461 Main Street - They are serving up fantastic pizza and music performed by 50 Shades of Blue. 50 Shades is a blues/R&B group from Erie, CO.
  • 6 Week Writer's Intensive - Barbed Wire Books, 504 Main St - New and experienced writers alike are all welcome. To register, call Ted - 303-440-0490 or register in person at the shop. Workshop runs from March 9th through March 30th. (6:30-8 pm)

Thursday, March 10th

  • "Carry the Tune" - Longmont Public Library, 409 4th Ave - Come to the library for a special screening of an award-winning documentary about the power of music in the lives of students. The documentary was a winner at the 201 San Francisco Film Awards. (7-8:30 pm)
  • Bella Musser, Live Music - Samples World Bistro, 370 Main St - Singer/songwriter Isabella Musser, 2010 winner of the Longmont Idol competition, has a unique sound. Her musical style is a mixture of indie rock, pop rock, adult alternative, and R&B, with acoustic stylings. Come appreciate! (7:30-9:30 pm)
  • 4th Annual Rocky Mountain River Celebration with John Fielder - The Dickens Opera House, 300 Main St - Award-winning short films, beer and prizes! The key-note multimedia performance is by John Fielder. Tickets are only $10. (Doors open at 6:30, show at 7pm)
  • Youth Career & Job Fair - Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Rd - Young people ages 14-21 are welcome to go and learn more about various careers and how to prepare for the job market. FREE. (3-8 pm)

Friday, March 11th

  • 2nd Friday, Craft It! - It is the eve of the Hops and Handrails event hosted by Lefthand Brewery and held in Roosevelt Park. Click here for additional information and to find out how you can earn a pint glass! (6-9 pm)
  • Wineglass Painting Class - The Brew Creperie & Coffeeshop, 314 Main St - Sip wine while Lisa Davis DeMattei teaches you how to paint your own collectible wine glass.
  • "Little Women" The Musical - Jesters Dinner Theatre, 224 Main St - Enjoy dinner and a show! The play is about a family in the civil war era telling their stories of trying to become writers. (Dinner begins at 6 p.m. with table service ending at 7:20. Performance begins at 7:30 p.m.)
  • Strings at the Stewart - Longmont Museum, 400 Quail Rd - Join the Longmont Symphony Chamber Orchestra for the evening. Complimentary appetizers and wine included in the ticket price. Tickets can be purchased by calling the museum at 303-651-8374 (Doors open 6:45 pm, Concert is at 7:30 pm)

Saturday, March 12th

  • Longmont Comedy Hour - La Vita Bella Coffee, 475 Main St - Local variety comedy show! Go on down and get your laughs in this weekend. Tickets are $5 and beer/wine is $3. (Doors open at 7 pm, music starts at 7:15 pm, show lasts until 8:30 pm.)
  • Sammy Dee Morton Band - The Dickens Opera House, 300 Main St - Texas-style blues band!


Enjoy the week and the fantastic weather we have ahead of us...


5 Homeowner Deductions YOU Should Know About!

by Cory Dudley

With tax season upon us and the April 18th filing deadline fast

approaching, here are 5 deductions that every  Colorado

homeowner should take advantage of!


1. Mortgage Interest Deduction

Your largest write off will be the monthly payment you make on your mortgage. This is because (for most people) the majority of your payment goes toward interest - and guess what? All that interest is tax deductible up to a $1 million loan.

Be sure to think outside the box and include every form of mortgage interest that you pay. Many owners don’t realize that the interest deduction applies to any loan secured by your home. That includes a second mortgage, a line of credit, or a home equity loan. Do you have more than one property? It also applies to a second or vacation home as well as your primary residence!

The best part is that you don’t need to calculate your own deductible mortgage interest. Your lender will send you a copy of Form 1098 at the end of the year that will show the amount of interest you paid. Simply save that form and file it with your tax return!

2. Property Taxes

Property taxes paid to state and local governments can be deducted from your federal taxes in the year in which you paid them. If you pay your property taxes via an escrow through your mortgage lender, your lender will send you a statement, which you can then file with your return. Property taxes are usually paid twice a year. If you are missing statements, contact your state or local taxing authority to get a statement for your records.

3. Loan Points

Homebuyers have the ability to pay points in order to get a loan with a lower interest rate. Most of the time the buyer pays for the points, each of which is equal to 1% of the loan amount. Loan points that meet these IRS qualifications are deductible.

4. Home Office Deductions

Every entrepreneur knows that there are huge financial benefits to working for yourself - and from home. If you use a portion of your home for business purposes you can likely deduct expenses for the use, including but not limited to a percentage of your mortgage payments, of all upkeep and maintenance costs, of home improvements, and of your utilities.

Deductions are usually based on the percentage of your home used solely for business. So, if you use a whole room or part of a room for your business, you'll need to calculate out the percentage used for personal versus business use.

5. Home Improvement Tax Credits

If you made energy efficient improvements to your home, you likely qualify for the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit. It allows for a tax credit up to 30 percent of the installation costs of the equipment into your home. Qualified equipment includes solar hot water heaters, solar electric equipment, wind turbines, and fuel cell property.

Check out the IRS website for more information.

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