Hey Yo Happy New Year! (that's Adriene speak)- All of us at the office, pretty much consider her a personal friend, she just hasn't met us yet :) Who is Adriene you ask! 

Adriene is the darling Austinite on YouTube with an amazing channel full of Yoga practices covering anything from yoga for digestion to yoga for runners. There's chair yoga, yoga for depression, yoga for loneliness... the list goes on. Her personality is fun, kind, self-loving, forgiving and calm. She'll always make you smile and you really do leave her practices feeling more grounded and peaceful. She's a wonderful yogi.

The way we were introduced to her is through her 30 Days of Yoga series. The series is approachable, shorter in length (with practices running from 20 to 40 minutes), and kind to your body. Adriene is not about being perfect, or competition; she believes in self-care and being present in whatever your body and mind are feeling on a particular day.

This year the series is called TRUE 30 Day Yoga Journey

I've started and though I'm a day behind, it was one of my New Year's Resolutions to complete the TRUE 30 Day journey. You can start anytime!