In the continually growing world of social media, more and more companies (specifically real estate agencies) need to create a very real social presence if they want to reach out to and obtain new clients.  Social media has many uses for realtors, including: keeping in touch with clients, decreasing response times and increasing accessibility, and reaching younger demographics.  As time progresses, more young and tech-savvy people will enter into the world of home-buying.  Any successful real estate agent will be ready for them.

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Having an active online social media presence does a couple of great things very easily: it creates a super convenient way for potential home-owners to contact you with questions or concerns.  It also provides you, the agent, with an easy way to respond quickly to that feedback, whether it be a simple yes or no type of answer or a link to a relevant and informative article for the client to read.  By having this additional avenue of communication, it makes you more accessible and able to give your clients more of the personalized attention that they deserve.  

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Here are some great tips to keep in mind when building your social media presence:

- Be Positive: Always put your best, and most positive, face forward.  Share articles with good news, or inspiring photographs, or helpful tips.  Thank people for taking the time out of their busy days when they say something positive about you or your business or when they ask a question.

- Be Helpful: Avoid constantly posting real estate listings or you will lose your audience.    Share your own personal thoughts and insights or links to informative articles (as long as they are positive).  Make sure everything you share on your social channels help a potential client in some way.  They don’t just want listings.  They want to see how you can solve their pain.  If you’ve gone through a learning experience with a previous client, share that with your new, potential clients.  Save them from making the same mistakes.

- Be Social: Social media isn’t just a great tool for reaching new clients; it’s also good for reaching new professionals.  Escrow officers, lenders, mortgage brokers, other realtors—any and all can be new networking opportunities for you to develop, which will help your clients as well.

- Be Informed: Pay attention to popular hashtags and use them where appropriate.  Share local news and updates with your audience.  Talk about upcoming community events.  All of this is not only helpful to your readers, but shows that you know about your community and take an active role in it as well.

Social media is the future for marketing all businesses, not just real estate.  If you would like more information on getting started or ideas on how to further grow, contact me and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

 About the Author: Sani Golriz is the Founder and Creative Director of Sunnyside Social Media, a very personal boutique marketing firm that consults, develops, and executes online and social media marketing strategies for locally and nationally-based businesses.

Through her work in online and social media marketing, Sani leverages each of her clients’ individual brands to put them in the best possible position for maximum online exposure.  Her ultimate goal for each client is brand growth, and she enjoys her clients’ success as if it were her own.

For more information about Sani or Sunnyside Social Media, visit her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.