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Motivational Monday - #VanLife

by Christa Marsh

It's nearly winter! This morning we awoke to chilly temperatures and snow flurries, yesterday it was 75 degrees and sunny! And that's why we love ColoRADo! Now is the time we all start getting excited for winter fun: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowball fights, snow angels... Colorado knows how to do winter:) As if we need to be more excited, here's a little something to get you even more amped!

Chris Benchetler is one of the top names in backcountry skiing and a staple of the ski industry, appearing in countless ski movies from top producers. He's "Chasing AdVANture" in his newly built-out Mercedes Sprinter van traveling from Southern California to British Columbia.

It was an epic snow year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Emily Harrington, one of the best rock climbers in the world, invited Chris for a climbing date at Smith Rock in Oregon,

and there was a mid-winter swell was going off in Canada's only surf town, Tofino

Sit back, get cozy, and get ready for powder face shots!

Mike O'Shays - 36 Years and going strong!

by Cory Dudley

36 years ago Mike Shea opened his namesake restaurant on Main St. in Longmont. O'Shays has been a local favorite since day one! From a wholesome evening meal to a packed house and Guinness on St. Patrick's Day - O'Shays is full of local Longmont families and friends and the tradition will live on even with change of ownership.


Next week, Mike hands the establishment over to its new owner, Rueben Verplank, who owns Rueben's restaurant in Boulder. Reuben intends to keep the name and essence of O'Shay's including its 40-employee staff and O'Shay's signature fish and chips!

Times Call

As Longmont grows, the busy dining scene is keeping pace. More and more brewpubs, farm-to-table eateries, and fast-casual offerings continue to pop-up. We welcome this change with open arms, but hope to always keep the Mike O'Shays of our city and other mainstays; they are a large part of what gives Longmont it's small-town charm.



Wouldn't you love mountain views & sunsets from your front yard, while still being with walking distance to all things downtown? We've got it in Longmont's Historic Westside! 108 Bowen Street has bungalow charm, on a large lot, updated systems and a yard that's a gardener's dream!

108 Bowen Exterior

Built in 1910, but updated throughout with new systems, roof and a Master suite. A bright, country kitchen is the center piece of this home. It's a perfect gathering spot that opens to the backyard for fun entertaining and summer BBQs!

Bowen Kitchen

You'll be sitting by the fire this winter watching the snowfall in the foothills from your living room. This location feels rural, but is a quick walk to restaurants, breweries and shopping.

Living Room

mountain view

You'll be surprised by the open feel and spaciousness this quaint bungalow reveals. With two bedrooms and two full baths, you have room for friends and family and room to grow.



This home is perfect for a starter, investment, or downsizing to something more manageable.

Give us a call to see this home or something like it!

303-641-8597 or 303-913-9698

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Visitors to the extensive trail system near or above treeline
within Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) have surely heard this sound 


Sounds a bit like a bird, but it's actually the largest member of the squirrel family (Sciuridae), the Marmot!

Specifically, in RMNP, they're Yellow-bellied marmots (AKA Rockchucks, Whistle-Pigs). They're very brave and are quite accustomed to humans; mostly because they want our trail snacks!

Here's one of my marmot friends on the trail up to Flattop Mountain this summer.
I'd like to say she's posing for this shot, but really she just wants a yummy handout.

As tempting as it is, please don't feed those critters. One reason is habituation, which happens when humans offer snacks and the creature suffers no correction for coming close to feed. Over time, they lose fear of humans resulting in nuisance behavior.
Reason two is that wild animals, when they get hooked our Cliff bars and GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts), lose their natural foraging behavior and also don't consume needed nutrition.


A Few Quick Facts about Marmots:

They live in colonies of 10-20 individuals and have elaborate burrows
under the high elevation meadows and rocky talus fields.
A marmots day consists of morning and evening feedings;
the rest of the day is spent down in their burrows.
Marmots are omnivores. They eat, grasses, insects and even bird eggs.
In the growing season, they spend a majority of time fattening up for winter hibernation.
Marmots have a lifespan ranging from 2 to 7 years
What is all their chirping about?
When the colony is busy feeding, one marmot stands as a sentinel and warns the colony of any approaching danger.
They also love resting in the sunshine.


Photo Credit: NPS

Now is the time (late September to mid October) that these critters head into their burrows for the long winter's nap. They stay warm huddled together in a room insulated with grasses/hay. During hibernation, a marmots body temperature can fall to 41 degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes they only take one or two breaths per minute. They'll be out to greet us again in April or May. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more tid bits on the animals that call RMNP 'home'!

Burrow of the Alpine Marmot

Reference: Wildlife Observation: The Alpine marmot
Digital image. Burrow of the alpine marmot. Bernard Fischesser. Web 24 OCT 2017





by The Winning Team Real Estate Group

"With each passing year, fear [of aging] creeps a little closer..." 

 As we age we think more and more about prolonging our lives. Maybe we feel we missed out on some aspect because of the choices we made, or maybe we just want to feel we lived our lives to the fullest until the very end. Whatever the case, most of Western society continues seek the magic pill to feeling, looking and performing our best. Is there a secret to perpetual youth and longevity? Maybe the answers are simpler than we think?

Aging pro freeskier, Mike Douglas, traveled to Japan seeking youth. Not only are there 500 ski areas in Japan, making the destination an easy choice, the Japanese are also the longest living population of the world's major industrialized countries.

At the end of day, the secret to growing old with grace is probably not found in complicated diet formulas, yoga rituals or workout routines (not that any of those things are detrimental to our health),  but more about eating well, giving our bodies respect and time to strengthen and recover, setting goals and not rushing our success.  

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu

Yuichiro Miura, famous for being the man who skied down Everest, and "...the most badass old dude on the planet" now 88, skis over a 100 days a year, and attributes part of his success to goal setting. He says, "at any age, you should have a goal set to always be stronger and healthier than you are right now". 

Secrets to Life

We all have the secret to longevity living inside of us. Create attainable goals, be forgiving of yourself, wake up every morning and choose to be a better version of you than yesterday, be strong in your convictions, laugh, take time to nourish your body and keep sight on your destination. Get out there and chase life!

Net Worth of Homeowners 44x Greater than Renters

by Cory Dudley



Every three years, the Federal Reserve conducts their Survey of Consumer Finances in which they collect data across all economic and social groups. The latest survey data, covering 2013-2016 was released two weeks ago.

The study revealed that the 2016 median net worth of homeowners was $231,400 - a 15% increase since 2013. At the same time, the median net worth of renters decreased by 5% ($5,200 today compared to $5,500 in 2013).

These numbers reveal that the net worth of a homeowner is over 44 times greater than that of a renter!


Owning a home is a great way to build family wealth

As we’ve said before, simply put, homeownership is a form of ‘forced savings.’ Every time you pay your mortgage, you are contributing to your net worth by increasing the equity in your home.

That is why, for the fourth year in a row, Gallup reported that Americans picked real estate as the best long-term investment. This year’s results showed that 34% of Americans chose real estate, followed by stocks at 26% and then gold, savings accounts/CDs, or bonds.


Greater equity in your home gives you options

If you want to find out how you can use the increased equity in your home to move to a home that better fits your current lifestyle, let’s get together to discuss the process.


Motivational Monday - REI's "Adventure in Real Life"

by Cory Dudley


"My plan never included this many roadblocks. But maybe the only difference between 'roadblock' and 'adventure' was my perspective..."


Life often doesn't go quite as planned. In fact, many of us are familiar with the old saying, "The only constant in life is change." Depending on the day and your mood when such change strikes, it can be difficult to embrace it fully for the adventure that it is! REI's short film "Adventure in Real Life" touches on the importance of changing perspective in order to appreciate experiences as they come; for better or for worse.


(Video Credit: REI)


"Slowly I discovered that nature was all the more beautiful because of the unplanned and the unexpected."



"I guess life is like that; full of setbacks and roadblocks. But when we love something enough, we can turn any obstacle into an Odyssey. The truth is, life isn't going to go as planned... The only question is will you choose to call it an adventure?"


Nothing forces someone to embrace a humble attitude like a tough challenge. You're bound to become kinder and more sympathetic to others and their own obstacles, too. Embracing your failures will better prepare you for your next great adventure, and remind you that you are indeed human. 


The most efficient use of your mental and emotional energy is to focus on yourself first; what do you think of your efforts? How do you prioritize personal growth? What makes you truly happy? What makes you feel accomplished? While the validation of others can be a temporary relief, your own validation will provide long term satisfaction in any situation.




Green Thumb Guidance - Outdoor Living for Any Season

by Cory Dudley




Here in Colorado, as we already know this fall, it can be 75℉ one day and 25℉ the next.  We can get more than 300 days of sunshine during the year and it’s important to take full advantage of the weather no matter what season.  Here are a few tips to make your outdoor living space cozy and enjoyable any time of the year.



The biggest factor if you will go outside and use your patio will be, is it warm enough?  Provide a fire pit (built-in or moveable) for your family and guests to huddle around.  Fire places can also be a great spot for a cozy outdoor couch to make it really feel like an outdoor living room.  You can also purchase portable outdoor heaters that can be placed in the specific locations on your patio.  Another option can be heaters that are mounted on a pergola or enclosed patio to give you warmth without the fire.





Adding a little of bit of ambiance will really invite you and your guest outdoors when nights become longer.  Place a few path lights along your front entry but also along your back patio to help guide your guests.  Uplight your evergreen trees or place uplights on a wall to soften your landscape.  Cafe lights strung from your pergola or trees can add a playful look as well.  Be sure to not light up your entire backyard so you can still see the night sky but a few here and there will help light the way to your outdoor space.





Outdoor furniture can be just as important as your couch inside. Your family will end up spending a lot of time lounging outside if you have something comfy to sit or lay on.  Also, it’s a great time to set up a nice dining table for family dinners or even a Thanksgiving dinner in the brisk fall air.  Places like Christy Sports, Fruehauf’s or All Backyard Fun have a wide selection of outdoor patio sets.



As with any space you use, you want it to be inviting and comfortable.  Add blankets, pillows and warm drinks as you lounge outside in the sunshine.  Though the air is brisk, it’s a great time to soak in some vitamin D and relax.  Outdoor speakers could also be nice to add soft music on your patio.


Grill or Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors isn’t just for summer barbeques anymore.  Gas grills and outdoor kitchens make it really easy to light up the grill for any weekday dinner.  It is also nice to be able to be with your guest in your outdoor living room while you are cooking.  These built in kitchens can complement your home and really add value to your property and be something you can always use no matter the weather.



Swim Spa or Hot Tub


There is a reason hot tubs are so popular year round - they are warm and relaxing.  Whether you are the only one soaking or you have invited all your friends, a hot tub is a warm way of enjoying your backyard any time of the year.  If you are looking for something a bit bigger consider a swim spa for soaking or exercising. 







If you really want to make your outdoor living space feel cozy, add a pergola or covered patio.  This will add shade, protection from the rain or snow and make it feel like your very own outdoor living room.  





Bring the Fun


Set up some backyard ladder golf, cornhole or bocce ball for your guests to enjoy in the cool fall air.  You can also mount a T.V. under a shade structure to watch Sunday football with friends.  Host a movie night to watch your favorite films on a projector screen or wall while you lounge on the patio furniture or lay on a blanket in the grass.





Your garden doesn’t have to look grey and dull all season.  Make sure you plant trees, shrubs and perennials that have winter interest for color and texture.  Evergreens will add rich greens, while grasses can sway in the wind.  Add chrysanthemums for a pop of color in the fall with pansies and ornamental kale as annuals.



Take advantage of the sunshine and carve pumpkins outside in the fallen leaves.  Decorate your home with pumpkins, squash and corn stalks.  Host a holiday party that is both indoors and outdoors so your guests can use the fire pit and outdoor kitchen.



Kristen Whitehead, owner of Helios Landscape Design, writes featured blog posts for our monthly newsletter on everything plant-related! She's happy to guide you in your next garden design effort.



Rocky Mountain National Park Series - Stay Curious Video Series

by Cory Dudley



"I think that's what I like the best is understanding more about how things work, and what's living there, and how it interacts with all the other organisms in that system."

- Erin Borgman 


The National Park Service's video series, Stay Curious, most recently selected and interviewed one of Rocky Mountain National Park's very own. Erin Borgman is an NPS Ecologist and Field Coordinator with the Rocky Mountain Inventory and Monitoring Division. In short, her job is to keep a close eye on the vital signs and overall 'health' of important streams and rivers within the park. These bodies of water are the most important resource to the park's habitat and wildlife inhabitants, making her mission a crucial one! 


Check out the video below to learn how Erin began down the path of Ecology sciences and the advice she has for anyone else trying to discover their place in the world around them. 



Thinking of Selling? Competition is Coming!

by Cory Dudley


The number of building permits issued for single-family homes is the best indicator of how many newly built homes will rise over the next few months. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau and U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development Residential Sales Report, the number of these permits were up 7.7% over last year.


How will this impact buyers?


More inventory means more options. Danielle Hale,’s Chief Economist, explained this is good news for the housing market - especially for those looking to buy:

"It's not spectacular construction growth, but it's slow and steady in the right direction. Eventually, the pickup in single-family home construction will mean [buyers] will have more options. Especially with the limited number of sales right now, more options are really needed."



How will this impact sellers?


More inventory means more competition. Today, because of the tremendous lack of inventory, a seller can expect:

  1. A great price on their home as buyers outbid each other for it
  2. A quick sale as buyers have so little to choose from
  3. Fewer hassles as buyers don’t want to “rock the boat” on the deal


With an increase in competition, the seller may not enjoy these same benefits. As Hale said:

"As new construction continues to increase, home shoppers will eventually have more [choices] and a bit more time to make purchase decisions compared to today's quick-moving housing market."



Bottom Line


If you are considering the sale of your home, it might make sense to beat this new construction competition to the market.


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